Choco Mousse – English​


Chocolate can steal almost anyone’s heart. Mine sure melts when I encounter a well-aerated chocolate mousse with a velvety texture. There are some details that can compromise the quality if not gotten right: it’s necessary to use a good brand of chocolate, to not overdo any of the ingredients and also get the correct temperature for each one of them.
But back to the chocolate: In the professional kitchen, I prefer Vahlrona. At home I use Lindt. I also like to add liquor, varying the flavor according to my mood: Amaretto, Grand Marnier or  Kahlúa… a dash of coconut milk for a non-alcoholic version adds a little exotic feeling.
For a step by step recipe and beautiful pics, I recommend eat, little bird taken from The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo.
but if a quickie is all you need: I got you sorted on Instagram