Lemon Tarte – english

On a quick trip to London, I had to stop by one of Jason Atherton’s many restaurants. He is the former Executive Chef of Gordon Ramsey’s Maze in Prague, where I worked from the opening to its last day.
My daughter, after seeing some pictures of Jason’s desserts on Instagram, really wanted his book – “Pleeeease, Mama!” – read with a very dramatic voice. He is her new culinary idol. David Chang is her favorite ever, and Mama is still Number One.
Out of sheer luck, we got an autographed copy of his book: the Chef came into the restaurant just as we were buying the book, having been told that unfortunately there were no signed copies available. He signed it immediately. Jason, seeing how abashed my girl was in front of him, he mentioned his own daughters and presented her with one more book: Social Suppers, which is now my own favorite.
Already back home, my picky girl asked for the dish on the book’s cover: a lemon pie, the original recipe by the acclaimed Marco Pierre White. The execution is quite simple if you have some training and experience.
Blind bake the tart’s shell. Fill it up and bake it gently.
But it takes a lot of feeling to get it right. No one wants overcooked lemon pie!

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